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Baby Tricks…

Sorry it has been so long since the last post, but we have been a busy family. With Christmas around the corner we are getting ready for the annual run-around fest that is the holidays. On XMas eve we’ll be at Amma and Appa’s during the day, at night we’ll be going to Grandpa and Grandma Tennyson’s house. On Christmas day we will be at Grandpa and Grandma Gintz’s.

Just thought I would share Gabe’s latest new baby trick… He loves to clap. We think he has been watching to many Badger games with his daddy, who can some times get a little excited when the Badgers are doing well. Here is a picture of the little guy in action!

Well have a happy and safe holidays everyone,

The Tennyson’s

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Gabe’s Baptism

Today we had family and friends attend Gabe’s Baptism. We appreciate everyone who was able to make it out to support Gabe today. We didn’t go as overboard as usual with the pictures but we still took a few. You can see the pictures by clicking here.

Here is the best picture we got of him in his outfit:

Gabe did great during the service, always nice to make it through with no crying. We also had a wonderful reception afterwards at Grandpa and Grandma Gintz’s house. Thank you to those who contributed and brought some additional food to pass. The gifts are also most appreciated. We hope to see you all again soon for Christmas!!

Jason, Marcia and Gabe

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