A lot can happen in a year

So in an unexpected twist our lives have dramatically changed in the last year. In March 2011 we uprooted the family and moved to the town of Mason, OH (a suburb of Cincinnati, OH). The reason for the move is that Jason was offered a job that was too good to pass up. It was an opportunity to further his career in a way he was really hoping for. The move has gone very well, even though it was difficult at times. We ended up was a lovely home that was also a major upgrade for us. Gabe loves his new school (as do Jason and Marcia). Marcia has been back to Madison 3 times already. The rest of us have been back to Madison once, but will be going back a number of times over the next couple weeks. If any friends or family members are ever in the Cincinnati area please make sure to get in touch with us!

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